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Flat news hot review: iPad Mini is a beautiful dream

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Page 1: the iPad Mini will years on the market

This week's flat news is schools of thought contend, it seems that flat products blowout period has come. Domestic foreign flat market a lively scene. Each new product at all, from the iPad Mini version of all kinds of rumours, to samsung dual-core 7 inches "super battleship" domestic log in, then to 299 yuan of Android 4.0.3 plate clean out treasure to open to rebound. Flat products endlessly also lateral reflects its enormous potential.

Ok, now let the one this week for everybody inventory hot news.

· the iPad Mini will years on the market
A word comment on: iPad Mini would launch will not affect their sales of the iPad

Apple's iPad edition Mini about a new message comes out, says this type of carrying a 7.85-inch iPad Mini will be in October along with a new generation iPhone launch, the price will be set at $200 to $250 in between.

iPad Mini版(图片来自网络)
IPad Mini version (the image from network)
7.85英寸iPad Mini版
7.85-inch iPad Mini version

  And news that iPad mini will use and new iPad the same resolution, namely 2048 x1536 retinal screen, and equipped with 8 GB storage space, but as for this is true or not, still need time to prove.

Page 2: history's most cheap flat? Clean out treasure to open this week to rebound

· history's most cheap flat? Clean out treasure to open this week to rebound

A word comment on: small endowment class for a meal of money can buy to andros 4.0 tablet computer, the future will bring into everyone's flat plate of life.

On May 15, from 9 to 5 month 16, 399 yuan only the general's MOMO9 strengthen resistance tablet PC edition again preferential 100 yuan, with 299 yuan price is expected to become the all-time cheap flat. Have the interest friend can go to day cat (taobao mall) general view, resistance page specific information.

General MOMO9 strengthen version's resistance
General MOMO9 strengthen version's resistance

  Prachanda's MOMO9 strengthen resistance second generation is domestic first edition A13 game flat. As well as the country's first run more than 10 hours of above can be tablet computer. It USES new all the volunteers to provide rich game plan A13 entertainment function, 2 D / 3 D/web pages, 1080 P video broadcast swim, Android 4.0.3 system, WiFi network, and 4200 mAh battery capacity, intelligent dynamic backlight adjustment technology, PMU + DVFS double energy saving technology.

Day cat (taobao mall) general's resistance page: click on

Page 3: Microsoft new technology a screen two pictures

· Microsoft new technology a screen two pictures

A word comment on: the technology such as realized, points of the game that screen time to a close.

The latest Microsoft a research results is very interesting, can use software let TN screen achieve Dual Views functions, namely a screen shows two different picture. The main principle is through the different perspective to provide different picture. Have this function, the user can use a display screen for a variety of entertainment, for example, can use the tablet computer face to face for gaming.

Application of this technology in the plate game application (the image from network)
A screen two pictures

  But the technology is still in the development stage, in addition to will make a screen contrast is reduced, also only support 8-bit color (or 256 color).

Page 4: dual-core "super battleship" domestic landed

· dual-core "super battleship" domestic landed

A word comment on: as samsung P3100 domestic listed, 7 inch tablet computer field will be more intense competition

Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 P3100 flagship dual-core next month will be domestic landed. It USES 7 inch TFT screens, the resolution for 1024 x600, launch Android 4.0 operating system, has the dual-core 1 GHz processor and 1 GB of memory, to provide users with fluent multitasking and operation experience.
Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 P3100 is in domestic market

三星Galaxy Tab 2 P3100即将国内上市
Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 P3100 is in domestic market
Preset sina micro bo, QQ, everyone nets and commonly used software
Preset sina micro bo, QQ, everyone nets and commonly used software
7英寸TFT显示屏 一手掌控精彩视野
7 inch TFT displays a wonderful view control

  Samsung P3100 also support the voice and video calls and micro SD expansion memory card. Other machines built the national map and navigation software, Office document browser and the circle game, arena, and reading circle three starnet circle. Sina micro bo, everyone nets, QQ, and other common application will also preset and P3100 in.

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Page 5: orangutans with iPad talking with people

· orangutans with iPad talking with people

A word comment on: iPad and animals with the simple communication may reduce the breeder work.

A Miami called the Jungle Island (Jungle Island) zoo in a new plan has had six orangutan learned to use iPad to communicate with people.

Workers are through the iPad and orangutans exchange (the image from network)

  This type of communication software is the original design for patients with autism, and now, with the iPad and other tablet computer for want and orangutans exchange but don't understand the people who are body language is a good choice. Responsible for the planning the staff said, young orangutans in the iPad can quickly see after swing, showed the very strong learning desire. But the older orangutan see after the iPad did not show any learning passion.

Staff guide orangutans click on the iPad screen (the image from network)
Orangutans use iPad (the image from network)

  In addition, she says, the orangutans are very smart, but they have no vocal chords, as long as have the right of communication equipment can let us know about their world.

Page 6: apple new systems to force the battery problems to alleviate

· new systems to force apple battery problems to alleviate

A word comment on: what if any improvement, even vary from person to person.

From iOS 5, it had started to fall faster electricity users, apple then also publicly acknowledged that the problem. And now the iOS 5.1.1 system, while no official tooltip updated battery problems has been improved, but users find, the new system is indeed more before saving.

IOS 5.1.1 update released the time has been a week, according to some upgrade user reflect, iPad and iPhone upgrades to the obvious save electricity, this part of the user in the majority. But still a small group of users said, the feeling is no difference. In fact, the battery life is different from person to person, some people from iOS 5.0.1 began to you no longer have power lost worry. It also need according to the individual's use custom to judgment.

Pod2g also think the new system more province electricity (the image from network)

In addition, are currently developing iOS 5.1.1 escaped Pod2g also feel, after the upgrade 5.1.1, batteries have improved.

Page 7: perfect escape list is announced

· perfect escape list is announced

A word comment on: prison break cisco iOS development push, apple and the hacker's cat and mouse let both sides benefit.

Distance Pod2g iOS 5.1.1 released in the prison time is more and more perfect near, although Pod2g had already were that will support or does not support equipment, recently he was a detailed list of support and does not support equipment list. After finishing the list of prison break as follows:

Perfect escape list (the image from network)

For some equipment, Pod2g are testing whether they can in the prison break iOS 5.1.1 perfect, and it's not clear enough for perfect can escape from the prison.

Page 8: iPad edition to navigate the browser

· iPad edition to navigate the browser

A word comment on: solid user market is absolutely the right to navigate.

Recently, the iPad version issued a formal restricted browser, has now officially land apple application Store App Store. The iPad version of the browser restricted provide new user visual experience and home page navigation transformation, which is the first PC mouse gestures operation transplanted into Android platform and iOS, realize the different terminal equipment data synchronization service. In addition, the iPad version of the browser also has restricted cloud synchronization, quick dialing, page operation mechanism, cancellation, and other characteristics sidebar.

Traveling in the iPad edition issued by the browser (the image from network)

  Restricted to PC, Android mobile phones now, and Android tablet Kindle Fire single-minded board and Playbook single-minded board platform development such as introduced browser products. The iOS platform for the iPad launch browser is restricted platform products all the components.

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