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Steve jobs's sayings (chart)

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Material graph: Steve jobs

  1, the difference between a leader and a follower is that innovation.

Innovation without limit! As long as dare to think, nothing is impossible, thinking the frame it out immediately. If you are in a rising sun industry, then try to find more effective solution: more recruit consumers like, more concise business model. If you are in a shrinking industry, so hurriedly in be can't keep up with the era before the surge, to change a job or convert industry. Don't delay, immediately start innovation!

2, become the pronoun of excellence, a lot of people aren't used to an environment quality.

No shortcut to success. You must put the excellence into a your body of a character. The maximum exert your talents, abilities, and skills, all the other out behind you. High standard strictly, focus on those will change all the details. Excellence is not difficult, right now to give it your best shot, you will find that life will give your amazing return.

3 a great achievement, the only way is to love his own business. If you haven't been able to find love yourself career, continue to look for, don't give up. Follow your heart, one day you will find.

I put this passage enrichment for: "do I love". To find a can give your life with meaning, value and make you feel full career. Have sense of mission and sense of purpose to bring to life the meaning and the value and full. This not only to your health and life span is beneficial, and even in you are in trouble, you will feel good. On Monday morning, can you climb up and agile is looking forward to working days? If not, then you will have to go to look for. You will feel you are really find out.

4, not everyone needs to grow their own food, not everyone needs to do their own wear clothes, we speak the language of the invention of others, use the invention of the math...... others We have been using other people's achievements. Use the human experience and knowledge to make inventions is a great thing.

Take responsibility life, try for the world to bring something meaningful things, more noble things do contribution. So you will find that life more meaningful, life not boring. We need to do lots of things. Tell others your plan, don't preach, also don't complacent, more can't blind fanaticism, and that will only scare people away, and, of course, you also don't be afraid to be example, seize the opportunity to head to let people know you have to do so.

5, there's a phrase in Buddhism: beginner's mind; Have a beginner's mind is a wonderful thing.

Don't confuse in appearance and insight into the nature of affairs to, a beginner's mind is the action of zen. The so-called beginner's mind is to point to, don't gratuitous guess, don't expect, don't arbitrary also don't prejudice. A beginner's mind as a newborn baby face the world, will always be full of wonder, desire, praise.

6, we think watching TV, when the brain basic stop, and you work on your computer when you want to turn your brain.

Over the past ten years, a large number of theory research shows that, the TV to the person's spirit and the mind is harmful. Most television viewers know the bad habits will waste time and make the brain become slow, but still they choose to stay in front of the TV set. Turn off the TV right, to save yourself some brain cells. Also, the computer will also make your brain show stir, not letter, you go with those who spend eight hours a day to play the first shooting game, car pull perspective, role playing game play the game PM look, you will also come to this conclusion.

7 and I was the only one I know in a year of lost $250 million... It's very character-building.

Making mistakes is not equal to mistakes. Never which successful people have not failed or made mistakes, instead, successful people are made a mistake after, to make corrections, then the next time he will not be wrong, they put the wrong as a warning but not the failure of eternity. Never make mistakes means that never really lived.

8, I would trade all of my technology for an afternoon with Socrates.

More than ten years, all over the world in the bookstore emerge about the mass of historical figures books. These characters including Socrates, leonardo Da Vinci, Copernicus, Darwin and Einstein became people inspiration lighthouse, and su ge pulled the existed in the first place. Cicero evaluation Socrates said: "he made philosophy from the GaoShanAngZhi up at the subject becomes and so closely related to people." The principle of the Socrates applies to your life, work, and study, and interpersonal shut on the right, this is not about Socrates, this is about yourself, and on how you give you a day in the life of bring more beauty.

9, live to change the world, is there any other reason?

Do you know that in your life, what is the mission is certain to achieve? You know not to know you drink a cup of coffee or do some meaningless things, the mission and covered with a layer of dust? We're born carry a thing, it is an indication of our aspirations, interest and enthusiasm and curiosity, and this is the mission. You don't need any authority to judge your mission, without any boss, teachers, parents, priests, and any authority can help you to decide. You need to depend on you to find the unique mission.

10, your time is limited, so don't lived for others. Don't be "limited, not live in other people's ideas. Don't let other people's opinions of his inner voice. The most important is, brave to follow his heart and intuition, only his heart and intuition to know your own real thoughts, all the others are secondary.

Are you tired of a life lived for others? Don't hesitate, this is your life, you have absolute power to decide how to live, not to be bound by the others did. Give yourself a chance to develop their own creativity, don't be afraid. Don't worry about that. Live the life we choose, be their own boss!

11, don't be "limited, to listen to his heart
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